Kanelada, a delicious warming drink!

Kanelada is a traditional Greek warming drink. The main ingredient is cinnamon or kanela in greek. A cup of warm kanelada is delicious and boosts our energy and health during the winter months.


Cinnamon has antimicrobial and antispasmodic properties. It can improve digestion, prevent or relieve colds, disperse stagnant energy that can cause different kind of pains and help regulate sugar in the blood. Rinsing our mouth often with cinnamon tincture diluted in water is a great mean to prevent cavities in the teeth and offer an overall good dental and gum health.

Moreover, sipping a warm cup of kanelada during the cold winter days warms our heart, uplifts our spirit and disperses stagnant thoughts and worries that trouble our minds.

The traditional recipe has plenty of sugar and one day, I decided to make my own kanelada the way all herbalists make herbal syrups. Since that day, kanelada became a beloved drink for family and friends during the winter months.


3 cups of water

9 cinnamon sticks

15 cloves


Add all ingredients except honey to a medium sized pot and bring to a boil. Simmer half covered for 20 minutes on a medium heat. Strain and measure the cinnamon tea. Add the same amount or a bit less of honey. Mix well to make a syrup.

Bottle and keep refrigerated where it can be preserved for at least two months.

To make a kanelada drink, have some syrup in the cup and add warm water. Mix well and sprinkle with extra cinnamon.


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  1. This morning i made Kanelada, following the above recipe and I’m overwhelmed by the feeling of refreshment and the relaxation it offered. . The house still smells the result of cinnamon and honey infusion! It’s a magical combination! At my next mountainous excursion I’ll carry some Kanelada on a thermos and I’m pretty sure to experience a second wind of power!


    1. Eleni says:

      So glad to know!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I am sure kanelada will be a great tonic for hiking in cold weather!!!


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