Holy Basil (Tulsi) Recipe Roundup

At this point in the summer, you might find yourself with an overabundant harvest of the lovely Tulsi! Here’s some ideas to help inspire you with new ways to use it.

Tulsi is also known as Holy Basil, which is not the same as Thai Basil. Tulsi is typically used in Thai cooking so that’s a good place to look to find food recipes. Most recipes calling for Thai Basil will likely work well with Tulsi as well but Tulsi has been described as having a more medicinal taste so consider using a mix of basils if you’re not a fan.

If you’re not familiar with Tulsi, you can read up on it here, with a monograph from The Herbal Academy. You can also find my Pinterest board with all sorts of Tulsi ideas here.

Tulsi Collage
All photos belong to their respective creators, as credited below
Bath – Herbal Tea Bath from Mountain Rose Herbs

Bug Spray – Tulsi Bug Spray from Kimberly Snyder

Cocktail – A Bourbon Sour with a Twist from Garden & Gun

Drink – Ayurvedic Electrolyte Drink with Holy Basil from Yoga and Smoothies

Gummies – Holy Basil Blueberry Gummies from Kind Living with Sue Sinclair

Herb Paste – Making Herb Paste from The Herbal Academy

Hot Chocolate – Tulsi White Chocolate from The Herbal Academy

Hydrosol – Do It Yourself Hydrosols from Dandelioness Herbals

Ice Pops – Tulsi & Green Tea Ice Pops from Indie Herbalist (bottom right)

Iced Tea – Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory Iced Tea from mindbodygreen

Infused Honey – Holy Basil The Queen of Herbs Infused Honey from Food

Jam – Making Herbal Jam & Jelly from Mountain Rose Herbs

Kombucha – Refreshing Herbal Medley from Mountain Rose Herbs

Lemonade – Holy Basil, Rose, and Blueberry Lemonade from Clean (top centre)

Noodles – Vegan Spicy Basil Noodles from Yup, It’s Vegan

Pesto – So This Is How You Do Pesto by The Muddy Kitchen

Pizza – Making a Holy Basil Indian Vegetable Pizza by Buddha Teas (top left)

Shortbread – Holy Basil Shortbread from Arbor Teas

Sipping Vinegar – Holy Basil Sipping Vinegars from Mountain Rose Herbs

Smoothie – Blueberry Tulsi Smoothie from Kimberly Snyder (bottom left)

Stir Fry – Stir-fried Tofu with Holy Basil from Kitchen Bowl (bottom centre)

Syrup – Tulsi Syrup from Masala Herb (top right)

Tea – Tulsi Chai from Mother Earth Living

Tincture – How I Made a Holy Basil Tincture from Day by Day Homesteading


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